SCJP 5.0 - Carving a capably competent Java Tiger Programmer

Sun Microsystems offers more certifications protrusive from engineer height to architect plane. The latest version of technologist (SCJP) communication is SCJP 5.0 - Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0 (CX-310-055). Sun started line of work SCJP 5.0 instead SCJP 1.5 from this new interpretation.

Achieving this empowerment provides decipherable witness that a computer user understands the underlying sentence structure and artefact of the Java programming speech supported on new structure introduced in SCJP 5.0. The documented software engineer can write Java engineering applications that run on restaurant attendant and desktop systems victimization J2SE 5.0 ( Java Tiger). Java Tiger is the another language unit of J2SE 5.0.

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NOTE: The external revision digit of this production is 5.0 and its inside reworked copy digit is 1.5.0.

What is new in Java Tiger ?

Changes reckon generic types, metadata, autoboxing, an enhanced for loop, enumerated types, set in your ways import, C elegance formatted signal/output, inconsistent arguments, concurrency utilities, and simpler RMI interface coevals.

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Wow ! Thanks to Sun Microsystems for providing such as a semiprecious features for Java Programmers.
So, if you fixed to steal Sun Java Programmer authorisation (SCJP) go ahead near SCJP 5.0 and be a Java Tiger Certified Programmer and wallow in the benefits of new features.

Changes in Exam Objectives from SCJP 1.4 to SCJP 5.0

SCJP 1.4

Section 1: Declarations and Access Control

Section 2: Flow control, Assertions, and Exception Handling

Section 3: Garbage Collection

Section 4: Language Fundamentals

Section 5: Operators and Assignments

Section 6: Overloading, Overriding, Runtime Type and Object Orientation

Section 7: Threads

Section 8: Fundamental Classes in the island.lang Package

Section 9: The Collections Framework

SCJP 5.0

Section 1: Declarations, Initialization and Scoping

Section 2: Flow Control

Section 3: API Contents

Section 4: Concurrency

Section 5: OO Concepts

Section 6: Collections / Generics

Section 7: Fundamentals

Is SCJP 5.0 unforced compared to SCJP 1.4 as it has limited digit of sections? No, best of the concepts are new in SCJP 5.0. Some of them are not attached near SCJP 1.4.

SCJP 5.0 Exam Details

Delivered at: Authorized Worldwide Prometric Testing Centers

Prerequisites: None

Other exams/assignments sought after for this certification: None

Exam type: Multiple pronouncement and resistance and drop

Number of questions: 72

Pass score: 59% (43 of 72 questions)

Time limit: 175 minutes

After end of SCJP 5.0 communicating you are acquainted near Java Tiger concepts resembling generic types, metadata, auto boxing, an increased for loop, enumerated types, adynamic import, shifting arguments, etc.

How protracted I requirement to set up for this exam?
The answer is it depends on your general erudition in Java planning and OO Concepts. You may get an approximative estimation from EPractize Labs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Time Calculator.

How to start? Where to start?

First go to Sun's website and realize the test objectives.

Plan for your arrangement. If required reckon an calculation from EPractize Labs SCJP 5.0 Preparation Time Calculator.

Identify your tender areas based on the exam objectives. Set much direction on those topics.

Study and elbow grease the system of rules examples.

Practice with deride exams and see wherever you are. Continue your habit soil you do your cognitive content.

Achieve your SCJP 5.0 qualification and stock your natural event WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES!

Recommended SCJP 5.0 Exam Preparation Kit

Use SCJP 5.0 Exam EPractize Labs - Personal Edition for empowering your preparation by PPA-1(Plan, Practize, Achieve) methodological analysis.

SCJP 5.0 Certification Benefits

For the Individual

Clear information that you are a Java Tiger computer user.
The citations empowers in dynamical Java Programming based on J2SE 5.0.
SCJP 5.0 certified programmers can efficiently designing and develop the code supported on J2SE 5.0.
Being a SCJP 5.0 documented software engineer helps you to improve your line potential, increase much respect, stimulant up your job payment and opportunities.
With SCJP 5.0 certifiable programmer, you go much emulous in the job open market.

For the supervision
Enables regulation to determine SCJP 5.0 documented coder as Java professionals who can cultivate talent symbols ably and efficaciously.
Helps in determinative the uncomparable upgrading APIs or Java Components based on current J2SE APIs.
More self-confidence to manual labour on Java Code systematic decisions next to concern partners.
Enables task unit to get prizewinning coding practices and counsel from a competent Java Programmer.

Good Luck !

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