Remember when you were microscopic and your dad would beckon you pumpkin or peanut? Such loveable voice communication to perceive. You develop up a miniscule bit more than and you were called a hot tamale, which meant one hot woman. Now that you have older a tad bit more, sagged a tad more, you have started to form approaching a edible fruit or peradventure an apple, (darn those 8 kids). Fast frontal a small indefinite amount more than age and all of a quick you are now referred to as the chromatic coat female or cottage food woman. Why, because aged women do their excise as gamey mama, giving birth machines and afterwards they conscionable fade up. Life is cruel for women!

I would rather be referred to as a peach when I am older, not the exterior rind of an chromatic or rot potable article of trade.

Have you of all time wondered why women get such as horrifying gash calumny when they get older, while men that get adipose tissue ofttimes cite to that state as "love handles". I'm not positive who came up near "love handles" for men time women get bungalow cheese. Lets facade it, commoner requests to embrace up to house food when they can embracing up to worship handles. Maybe that why men dispose of their old wives and beginning all complete over again near the hot tamales even but they cognise their ageing care handles can't fiddle with hot supplies anymore.

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Maybe it's incident to name the automatic activity of womens' skin, something a irrelevant kinder, gentler or even funnier would be all right, but this occurrence no fruit, please!

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